Thursday, April 30, 2009

Uninvited "Guest"

Living in Phuket, we are more in touch with nature. Often, this means we get uninvited "guests". Toads and lizards are regulars. So are giant varieties of beetles, caterpillars, centipedes and millipedes. Once in a while, we also come across land crabs and hermit crabs.

Yesterday, Mommy and I were enjoying our morning bath, when she spotted this slimy slithering serpent at the window. Luckily the mosquito netting prevented it from sneaking in... Mommy quickly took a feather duster and sent it packing. Later, she sprinkled fresh sulphur outside the house to keep snakes away.

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Alice Phua said...

Hehe...although the 'uninvited guests' do pose some hazard, however, Narelle gets to see them real life as they are at such a young age. As for my Juan Or, there are still many more years to go before I take him to the zoo to see the 'guests'. By then the money paid for going into the zoo will be more worth it considering that Juan Or will be better able to understand more things by then.