Monday, May 4, 2009

A day out with Mommy & Daddy

Janelle and Andre went to Hae Bin and Jun's house on Saturday, so I had Daddy and Mommy all to myself. After dropping my brother and sister off at Boat Lagoon, we went to Central Festival Phuket.

Daddy and Mommy had lunch at the food hall, while I took a nap in my stroller. For once, they could eat in peace, without Janelle and Andre picking the best bits from their plates. Daddy had beef noodle soup and kway chup, while Mommy ate chicken rice; she thought about ordering from the popular "rice-and-pick-your-own-dishes" stall, but something did not smell right.

We spent a few hours window shopping. Daddy was exhausted, so we took a rest by the artificial pond and had some snacks. There were many beautiful Japanese carp in the pond. They did not seem very interested in the fish food the mall staff fed them. But when Daddy threw in some peanut skin, they came zipping in and made big splashes fighting over this "exotic" cuisine.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Narelle,

So relaxing hah! Be careful and watch out when you're near the pond or swimming pool. so cute:-) and wish I could also like you enjoying life at PHUKET.

Take care:-)

Warmest regards,
Uncle Chuan