Monday, May 25, 2009

Get me outta here!

I am bored! On weekdays, Daddy takes me out for a morning walk with the dogs before he goes to work. After my shower, I will take a nap. Two hours later, I will stick to Mommy until jie jie and kor kor arrive home from school in the evening. Sometimes Mommy takes me for a walk around our pool and let me touch the flowers and leaves if the weather isn't too hot. After Mommy prepares dinner, we will take a stroll outside the house. This is how we pass our time at home on the weekdays.

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Alice Phua said...

Hi Narelle! After looking at your weight gain chart, I envy your weight gain! Anyway, I think it could be due to my baby drinking antibiotic medicine on a daily basis since he was born (he has mild bilateral hydronephrosis or dilated kidney, so the paediatrician required him to take that medicine as a preventive measure for urinary tract infection). Probably the antibiotic killed most of the friendly bacteria in his gut, so his nutrient absorption is not efficient even though he eats a lot.