Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things I like to do in the morning...

Daddy told us we would probably have to move to Bangkok soon. Mommy thinks I will not remember the place where I spent the first few months of my life, so she wants to use this as a detailed and lasting chronicle.

Each morning, after breakfast and morning bath, Mommy puts me in my walker to play for a while before nap time. Today I had a new toy; I gripped it tightly so that I would not drop it wherever I roam. I could grasp the beach ball with my left hand and still hold the toy with my right.

I like to look out to the swimming pool. As long as the weather is good, I can look forward to an evening swim after our afternoon stroll. Mommy is afraid I will catch chills, so she will wrap me up in a towel, as soon as we get out of the pool. She has to make sure not to miss out anything, as leaving me alone even for a few seconds nowadays gives me enough time to put myself in danger - toppling out of the bathtub, falling off the bed, you name it!

I like to play with the dogs' food and water bowls. Making a mess is fun! Mommy learned the hard way to put things out of my reach. Snowy likes to be near me, but I respond by pulling her fur... sorry! Ringo is smarter and stays a safe distance away from me most of the time. But she did lick me a few times, while Mommy held on to my straining arms.

Ahhh, quarter past 10, it's nap time!

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