Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Child of God

Last Saturday, the whole family went to Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church. Besides us, Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle Bob and Auntie Lyn, King Yu and his parents were there too. There were supposed to be more guests, but confirmed and suspected H1N1 cases kept some away.

It seems like everyone was talking at the same time, catching up on news and old times. Then the strange man in a black robe - they called him Pastor Stanley - asked us to open up the thick red book, the United Methodist Hymnal, and respond accordingly.

After some reading and Q&A, Mommy carried me to him, and he said a few more words before putting some water on my head. It was very warm in the church Sanctuary, so the water felt cool and refreshing. Soon, the ceremony was over and everyone clapped their hands and went back to their chatting and photo taking.
So, it is official: I am a Christian. A Methodist, to be precise, although I really have no idea what it means yet. I suppose Daddy and Mommy will explain to me when I get a bit older.


lovexiaolongbao said...

welcome to the family Narelle! i am from christ methodist church.

smallkucing said...

It's never too early for Church

Alice Phua said...

Congratulations on your next spiritual step of life, Narelle! I'm a Methodist too (although my husband and his side of family are non-Christians).