Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My first visit home

Sorry, this blog has not been updated these past few days, since we got back to Singapore. We have been busy going out: shopping, visit family and friends, sightseeing.

My first time in Singapore. My first nap in a sarong cradle. My first ride on the MRT. My first stroll along Orchard Road; we visited some old family favourites: Centrepoint, Takashimaya and Wisma Atria.

It is all so strange and exciting. Lots of people, noise, tall buildings. Nobody speaks Thai, but everyone speaks the same language as Daddy, Mommy, Janelle and Andre. So many strangers smiling at me, wanting to hold me. It is quite scary at times.

Today, we went to visit our house. Another family lives there now, but some time in the future, we will come back here. Many of the neighbors that Daddy and Mommy knew have moved away, but a few close friends have stayed behind. I don't know many of the people here, but I would not have a problem making new friends... just smile and say "Sawasdee ka!"

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Alice Phua said...

Good experience for you, Narelle! So many first time experience for you in Singapore.

"Sawasdee ka!" Haha...Narelle, you are becoming a Thai baby already! :-P