Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mommy on the soapbox...

"Very hot!" Janelle complained incessantly. I had to keep wiping beads of perspiration off Narelle's face and body with a handkerchief every few minutes. I even splashed pails of water on the ground and awning, my version of evaporative cooling. Phuket was getting hot and humid again, after the rains of last few days. I managed to wash Andre's soft toys and hang them out to dry before keeping them in the boxes. I will wash Janelle's soft toys tomorrow. I have finished all the bedlinen and whatever else was washable, so we can put them straight to use in our new apartment. It does seem like I have developed OCD but I am just trying to keep as much dust and dirt from Narelle, since she loves putting everything in her mouth.

Calvin was back from Bangkok after signing the lease for our new home. The packers will come this Saturday and finish the packing, especially the fragile items. We will take some of our belongings and spend a few days in our Dusit Laguna Villa, until we leave Phuket on Aug 19. It will be a nice break from cleaning the house and a much needed rest before we have to unpack reaching Bangkok.

Calvin and I will come back and walk the dogs twice a day; at the same time, we can reminisce and catch a few last glimpses of the house. The dogs will not have so much freedom to roam around after we move to the condo in Bangkok. They can only use the service lift, and do their "business" in the designated dog area next to our block. Unfortunately, the nearby Benjasiri Park does not allow dogs, so we will have to explore a bit to find places where they can run around once in a while.

We will take the doghouse to Bangkok, although we have not decided where to place it in the apartment. We had thought about giving it away, but it's still quite new, and Narelle likes to crawl inside and play with her toys.

There are a few pots of orchid, which I still cannot decide whether to take with me or leave them behind. I'm afraid that I may bring some unseen soil pests with me too.

Finally, Janelle and Andre may get their own rooms. Maybe. It really depends on the final bedding arrangements. We are taking our super king Sealy bed with us, but the landlord already has 2 king and 1 single beds in the condo. We have to decide when we get there but before the packers unload everything and leave us the backbreaking task of moving the big clunkers around ourselves.

Here's a glimpse of President Park Complex, our future home.

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PixieDust said...

Good luck with all your moving - sounds like quite an adventure!