Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My World Tuesday - Siam Ocean World

I love fish. Something about the graceful way they move through water. Mommy and Daddy have been wanting to take me to Siam Ocean World ever since we moved to Bangkok; we finally made it last Monday.

The local schools have already started their year end holiday period, so we had plenty of company. Daddy got us through the double pricing trap with a cryptic "Phu Yai, Song" - Thai for "Adult, Two" - so the three of us spent a nice afternoon in the aquarium for THB 700.

There were so many wonderful creatures, too many for me to write about, so here are a few interesting moments in our under water adventure...

"An awe-inspiring adventure back in time..." Er, what are we supposed to be looking at, Daddy?

Mommy, I want those clingy webbed feet too!

What a beauty hiding among the corals... Not!

So tiring, carrying his house with him wherever he goes...

One, two, three, ... I lost count, but this Spider Crab definitely had more legs than I!

Sayang, Penguin, sayang... can I take you home?

Get me outta here!

Another innovative aquarium design... just under a million baht!

Chow time! Will perform tricks for food...

This Great White is too close for comfort...

Danger... Danger... From above!


Louise said...

What a fun post, and really sweet pictures with the little baby!

I'm sorry if I missed it, but I could not find your link to the My World Tuesday site. When you link from the site, please be so kind to link back to it and identify your post as a My World Tuesday post.

Thanks for sharing your fun and interesting world with us!

eileeninmd said...

Looks like a fun time at the aquarium. Great photos and thanks for sharing.

Lawstude said...

wow. i have been there last year. where are the merdmaids lol. great shots.

Pam said...

Your daughter is a precious Pumpkin :) Enjoy each day they grow up way to fast.