Friday, November 20, 2009


We are going home next month for the year end break. We hope to spend more time with family and friends than we did in July, as most people can take time off and children are on vacation. This time we will stay for 11 days and celebrate Christmas in Singapore. We will be back in time to ring in the New Year in the city of angels.

Snowy and Ringo will stay in a pet hotel. Daddy and Mommy have done some research on the Internet and asked around, but an ideal pet hotel is a rare commodity in this town. A dog's life in Bangkok is harder than in Phuket. This may explain why there are so many products for dressing up dogs and giving them little treats: dog owners here are more affluent than in other parts of Thailand, but they have neither the time (stuck in traffic jams!) nor the space to let their best friends run free (dogs are officially not allowed just about anywhere - including all the beautiful and spacious parks - even though diseased and flea-infested soi dogs are everywhere).

We will be taking low cost carriers for the trip to Singapore, so I am not allowed to bring too much stuff with me; we need the luggage space for other goodies. But I will get to bring my favourite book and soft toy for night time. The book is easy, but the soft toy... Monkey Wim? Yuriko Bear? Baa baa Black Sheep? Hello Kitty? Or my trusty kitty bolster?



Manang Kim said...

Been blog hopping and looking all the skies all over the world but this is the first time I see a plane!! It is great thanks for sharing and have a safe travel.

Mine is here My Life’s Journey in Focus

Martha Z said...

A nice composition of sky, plane and trees. Enjoy your trip home.

Pat said...

Nice shot of the plane in flight against the gray clouds and blue sky! Your little one is so cute.

Serendipity said...

Nice shot! Cute baby and cute dogs!

Lisa Wilson said...

Great photos! Enjoy your trip!

Nicole said...

The monkey sounds like a perfect choice to me ;)

Too bad with the dog Hotels.
It's a problem in many places you go to.
Either there are none, or they are outrageously expensive!

Best of Luck to you and have fun!