Sunday, November 8, 2009

My world... with my little friends

We have now lived in Bangkok for a little over two months. It seems like we are finally getting some decent weather... we can actually see the sun, blue sky and clouds clearly!

Lukas and Lily are my first playmates. We met during one of my morning strolls, and because we were very close in age, we fast became friends. While the adults enjoy their chats, we kids play and share each other's toys.

Yesterday, Mommy gave them some of the balloons she bought for my birthday celebration. They were thrilled to see the big and long balloons, while I was busy walking around, climbing the steps and examining a water bottle. Mommy was quite exasperated, as we were not exactly cooperative when in came time to take group photos. Could she blame us, really? We could not understand most of what she was trying to tell us!

I'm walking on sunshine... whoa oh... and don't it feel good!

Who's following me?

Whoopee! Mommy's here with sushi for everyone!

Naughty Mommy is making such a mess with all these soap bubbles! The cleaning auntie will be angry with her...



Glennis said...

Three little angels under the tropic sky.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Wow! Your sky with clouds and sun is very cool.
Your daughter and playmates are precious!

dhemz said...

love the photos....:)

your lil girl is adorable....thanks for the visit on my page narelle.....take care!