Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bangkok Lego City

Lego is my brother's first love. Andre has since discovered Yu-Gi-Oh Cards and PSP, but there will always be a special place in his heart for these colourful interlocking plastic bricks from Denmark.

When Mommy found out the local chapter of the Thailand Lego User Group was organizing a special event at the Emporium, we had to make an outing to go see the exhibition.

In honour of the hosting site, someone built a replica of the Emporium.

We have not been to the actual Hua Lamphong Railway Station, but the Lego version was very impressive.

Ditto for the Democracy Monument, a really close replica as far as I could see on photos of the real historical site.

Surprise, surprise! This was my favourite, more like a jungle safari than the zoo.

And then there were the cute little Tuk-Tuk's, which in real life were more of a traffic menace that thronged the busy streets of Bangkok.

 Simple and cute, but more importantly, the little FamilyMart store brought back delicious memories of our family trip to Korea a few years back - long before I was born - where you could always count on a store around the corner to assuage those hunger pangs.

 I sure made my mark at the event... besides passing out Lego bricks to strangers, I also left a couple of hand and foot prints all over the stage!


fickleinpink said...

thanks for sharing!

your baby's so adorable!

Come and visit my place if you have the time!
have a great day!

~Fickle in Pink

maiaT said...

Beautiful Legos, real artworks.
Thanks for sharing.
Cute little baby too.

Alice Phua said...

Like the last part when you mentioned how Narelle left hand and foot prints all over the stage...sounds cute!

Wish Lego is holding such exhibition in Malaysia too!