Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That's my world - QSNCC

Mommy's favourite toy - Canon PowerShot SX100IS - was not so trusty anymore. In this day and age, it was a bit of a dinosaur, and something is faulty with the power consumption. Commart Thailand was held at the nearby Queen Sirikit National Convention Center over the weekend, so we went to take a look.
While Daddy was no stranger to QSNCC, and he had dragged Andre there a few months ago for a Sony sales event, it was the first visit for the better half of our family. Janelle was not too impressed, as it was similar to event locales like Suntec City in Singapore. As a consolation, the red shirt demonstrations did seem to have kept the crowd at a more manageable number.
As usual, pretty ladies were a common sight, to entice sheepish looking men and boys to the booths, where the sales staff will try their best to coax a few baht out of the unsuspecting clients' wallets. I expect the next day, some of them may be wondering what to do with those impulse purchases... sorry, goods purchased during the sales events are neither exchangeable nor refundable.
Although Chinese New Year festivities are long over, the tiger can still be found as a common motif on various products.
Mom had her own perspective of things; she found QSNCC to be different in at least the architectural aspects. Apart from the business end of things, there were many ornaments and artifacts that were unique and rich in Thai culture and history.
It was not as well organized as we had hoped. Or perhaps it was, but not in a language we could read and understand. So we collected some brochures and price lists to do some research at home.


J Bar said...

Your world is very interesting.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Carver said...

I would have found the artifacts the most interesting too. You took some good shots and I enjoyed the post.

Pat said...

It's interesting to see both the old and new in your photos.

noel said...


what an incredible place and commentaries on this show, thank you for showing us a little bit of your world for tuesday...

have a good remainder of the week.

Lawstude said...

these are truly amazing shots. you must have smile on your face when taking these because the outcome are truly heartfelt. great shots. thanks for sharing.

by the way, i love the header pic.