Friday, July 16, 2010

Cat or Mao

I like to get some fresh air every day, once in the morning with our part-time maid and once in the evening with Mommy and sometimes Daddy. I like to play with the cats, but everyone forbids me from touching them, or even getting too near to them. What's this scary thing called "Asthma" anyway, that they are so afraid I might catch from the cat? Paranoid adults! Only Mommy gets to touch and feed them with my leftover food. I don't call them cat but Mao (猫)...
Happiness doesn't depend on any external conditions,
it is governed by our mental attitude.
~ Dale Carnegie
It is by chance that we met, by choice that we became friends.
~ Millie
Truly great friends are hard to find,
difficult to leave,
and impossible to forget.
~ G Randolf

Happiness consists not in having much,
but in being content with little.
~ Marguerite Gardiner

Sweet Shot Day


Jenny said...

This was a very sweet and touching post!!!

Thank you so much for sharing it!!!

Tezzie said...

:D My kids both called cats Mao, too, for the longest time...funny since in Swedish, cats say mjaow (with the j rather pronounced...and the actual word is 'katt') but they still took it upon themselves to say it in Chinese!

Katie said...

These are all cute shots!

Dave said...

what a happy and lucky child she is, lovely post.

no its not vuarnet sunglasses and the kid in the reflection is my daughter.

k said...

Mao indeed. Love the photos, she's adorable.

paige said...

Such great photos! I love what you captured.