Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Extended Family

We went to visit our God-siblings on Thursday. It rained briefly earlier in the day, so the air was clean and crisp. A few puffy clouds remained in the sky and provided some shelter from the blazing sun.
Nice view from the balcony,
Where you can see the national birds of Singapore:
The Construction Cranes
The busy teenagers were happy to leave me alone to explore every nook and corner
Like Andre, Keanu is at an awkward age;
He feels more comfortable interacting with machines than people.
Just us girls having a fabulous time in the playground.
If I were a koala, Carissa is my latest favourite Eucalyptus tree ;-)


Ann said...

I LOL LOL at your national bird of Singapore. So funny.

So you went back to celebrate you National day?

There was a time, when people say we can't make it, but we did.....

RoseBelle said...

Haha! She's holding Carissa so snuggly and tight! Speaking of kids and machines, yeah definitely in this day and age, kids are hooked on their phones.

Buckeroomama said...

Such a cute, cute photo, that last one! :)

LOL at `The national birds of Singapore`! =D

Paula said...

Oh Serline, I loved the last line!!!

Wishing you and your family a beautiful day filled with faery blooms and pixie dust! :)))