Friday, August 19, 2011

What we miss in Singapore...

Grandma took care of us over the two weeks while we were back home in Singapore. Here's the menu of a typical day:

Each day started with a blended concoction of fresh fruits. Cleansing, lots of vitamins and fibre, but the "extras" that Grandma introduced - garlic, onion, Chinese herbs - turned it into Monster Juice... Janelle and Andre used every excuse under the sun to try to get out of drinking!

We're supposed to be holiday, so we took our time getting up each morning and combined the first two meals of the day. Crabstick Omelette made frequent appearances, although in Grandma's version, a little heavier on the crabstick than usual.

With the help of Prima Taste, we also got some homemade local delicacies as well, like Prawn Noodles. I lost count of how many prawns I ate ;-)

Sometimes we got to be Grandma's guinea pigs while she tested some creative fusion ideas like Tuna Potato Salad with Chinese and Japanese seasonings, hmmm?

On weekends, Grandma works part time at a Sushi Deli outlet on Orchard Road. The leftovers became our supper. I usually passed, but Janelle and Andre seemed to enjoy the snack while they caught up with the shows they missed.

And we washed the supper down with soybean milk, all 3 - 5 litres of it depending on how much was left at the neighbouring kiosk operated by Grandma's co-workers.

Besides eating and visiting friends, another activity we did regularly - almost every other day - was visit the neighbourhood library. If I have to name one thing that Mommy misses most about Singapore that she has not found a replacement for in Thailand, is access to a library of English and Chinese books and magazines.

Everyone said Dad was silly for lugging empty luggage with him when he joined us a week later, but guess what? We filled every bit of space we had. In fact, we had to book a station wagon cab to send us to the airport, to make sure we got everyone and everything in one trip.


Tamar SB said...

That all looks so yummy!

Anonymous said...

Hello Serline! Welcome back to blog land! I have missed you! Oh, all of grandmother's cuisine looks delicious!

Anita Johnson said...

With all that good food, I'd have a hard time leaving. Everything looks so fresh and light...beautiful photography as well.

Yoli said...

The food looked wonderful!!! I love dragon fruit.

Kala said...

Looks like you had a lovely visit and were well fed by grandma!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by today and leaving a comment on my lasted post. I have left there a reply for you. When you have a moment, do make a quick return. Hugs, to you!

Debra said...

Enjoyed catching up with all your wonderful shots Serline!

Cannot get over how much 'the baby' has grown!

What is that pink fruit in the first photo?