Wednesday, July 8, 2009


How time flies. You are eight... months old. Even though you are the newest addition to the family, you are already number one in all our hearts. How about you? How do Daddy, Mommy, Janelle, Andre, Snowy and Ringo rank in your chart?

For better or worse, life in this family has forever changed. Your cries and tear pierce our hearts; your laughter and smile drive our fatigue and troubles away. Singing nursery rhymes and lullabies to you is a skill all of us have mastered. Just the other day, as you and I drove home after dropping Janelle off for her sleepover, lulling you to sweet slumber and watching that content smile on your face was a most special moment I cannot begin to describe.

You have started to eat "real" food, and you love tomatoes. But it seems your favourite is still breast milk. Not only does it provide nourishment and beverage, it is also your primary source of comfort. When all else fails and nobody can calm you down, back in my arms you come. Suckling my breast is the most soothing therapy for you. It has been tough on my back, but I plan to breastfeed you for at least a year. I do hope you will start to be less clingy; a little break now and then goes a long way towards recharging my batteries, ok?
Weekday evenings are the most hectic. I have to prepare dinner and take care of the day's laundry. Everyone takes turns entertaining you: Daddy lets you sit on his shoulders and play Hannibal; Andre dazzles you with his footballing skills (and spills); Janelle puts on a mini piano concert. Anything for our little princess...

From the moment you were born, I watch you grow, day by day. Learning to turn over, sit up, crawl... now, you can pull yourself to a standing position using furniture and the wall. Soon, you will start teething and walking and get into more mischief. I shall not ask for too much, just health, happiness and be a good Mommy's girl for as long as possible.

Happy 8th month!
Narelle: I am 8 months old today. Mommy has asked for the podium, so drum roll please...

Mommy: 不知不觉你已八个月。在这个家里,你虽然是老么,可是在大家的心目中,你已经占了第一位。你心中的排行榜呢?爸爸、妈妈、姐姐、哥哥和狗狗,在你心目中又扮演着什么角色?

家里有了你,越来越热闹。听一听你天真的笑声,看一看你无邪的笑容,能让我们忘却烦恼,带来快乐。 你喜欢听我们唱儿歌。前几天,我开车带你去兜风。你静静的坐着听我哼一首首儿歌。听着听着你就睡着了,小嘴上还带着满足的微笑。





Alice Phua said...

Haha...Narelle is trying to get out from her baby walker to go play the piano as well ! LOL

Veronica Lee said...

Narelle is soooo cute and adorable!!