Saturday, July 4, 2009

Little sleeping beauty... not!

I have been cranky the past few days, ever since I recovered from a little bout of fever. That Daddy went to Bangkok for three days did not help, as Mommy was the only one looking after me for the entire time. I am always seeking her attention, to carry and cuddle me, so much so that she cannot do any chore. I follow her in my walker and hold on to her legs while she bustles around the kitchen. She needs her own space too sometimes...

Daddy and Mommy are busy these few days, trying to decide where to stay when we move to Bangkok. Daddy came back with a few choices shortlisted. He made a chart and ranked each place according to attributes like convenience, access to public transport, unit quality, facilities, dog friendliness, etc. As most of the places do not allow pets, we have limited choices on hand.

The 3 key things about living in Bangkok are location, Location and LOCATION. Daddy must be able to get to and from work (Sathorn), and Janelle and Andre to and from school (Sukhumvit Soi 71) easily. Daddy has confirmed that traffic jams in Bangkok are as bad as they have ever been, maybe worse.

Last but not least, I need a baby friendly environment so I can interact with other babies. We are not looking at houses even though it solves the dog issue; besides mosquitoes, rats and other pests, we have to worry about security and being isolated from other people.

Mommy and Daddy discuss this every night, after I fall asleep next to them. The three of us will probably have to make a trip to Bangkok to finalize our choice. Or maybe the answer will come to me in my dreams...


Alice Phua said...

This photo of Narelle sleeping is so cute! Yes, I can relate to that...when baby is sick, baby becomes cranky and fretful, and just won't let go of mummmy. Mummy must entertain baby all the time until mummy cannot do anything familiar! :-)

Wishing Narelle a speedy recovery!

A Magical Childhood said...

I love the photo too! She's so beautiful! Good luck with the move and I hope Narelle is feeling better (and giving you a bit more space!). :)