Monday, August 31, 2009

Good Morning, Bangkok!

We celebrated our first full week in Bangkok with Sunday Brunch at Romsai Restaurant in Banyan Tree Bangkok. The restaurant was very child-friendly: there was a special corner just for toddlers like me, with soft cushions and toys, and there were entertainment items just for us as well.

When the magician came around to our table to perform these funny tricks,
I literally shrieked from delight.

Everyone took turns to play with me, while the others enjoyed the scrumptious buffet spread.
The magician's buddies made balloon sculptures into different shapes and animals. We brought home three, but my favourite was a bird on a stand. I was so happy that I stuffed it immediately into my mouth. Mommy had a fright when she saw my mouth covered in blue marker ink! Luckily, a few wipes later, I was as good as new. There was a little nature haven for those who prefer dining outdoors. Daddy brought me out to see the terrapins and fishes. The crumbs from my hand sure brought out the "beast" in some of these fishes, especially the big fat koi...

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PixieDust said...

Awwww, I love hearing you laugh... that is such a sweet sound. The magician knew what he was doing, and I love the balloon sculptures adorning your seat.