Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daddy's girl

When we go out for lunch or dessert, I am so happy because I get to share everyone's food. OK, not really, since Mommy won't allow me to have any unhealthy stuff, spicy food makes me cry and sugar is very bad for me. So, no ice cream and only fruit bits for me. Daddy and Mommy have to make sure the bits of food are tiny enough for me to swallow, so they sometimes have to chew a little before putting the food into my mouth. Inevitably, this will elicit lots of eew's and yuck's from Janelle and Andre.

I enjoy the company of my family but I can be a real handful when I show off my bad attitude at the wrong time. Yesterday, Mommy brought me to Carrefour for lunch and grocery shopping. We shared a bowl of ramen at Hachi-ban and I was quite well behaved, until she went to pay the bill. I started to throw a tantrum. Mommy had a titanic struggle on her hands, trying to carry me up while pushing the stroller to the counter to settle the bill. I refused to sit in the stroller from then on, so she had to carry me the whole time, while she did her grocery shopping.

I felt bored and uncomfortable after a while and started squirming in her arms. Mommy tried in vain to stop me, until she realised it was breastfeeding time so she took me to the fitting room. After that, she had to quickly finish her shopping, so she could bring me home for my nap.

I did not wait to get out of there and started screaming. Mommy gave me a tube of cold tofu to play with to calm me down. It worked, but when we reached the counter, I refused to give it up. The whole store heard me! Mommy asked the cashier to scan it quickly and passed it back to me. She had to sacrifice the tofu, as I held on to it and squashed it all the way home.

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PixieDust said...

Our little ones are so darling, but they can be a handful, yes? My daughter was mostly a quiet child, but she certainly had her days of wanting HER way or NO way... *sigh... well, I can't blame her too much - that stubborn streak? Inherited directly from her mama!