Monday, September 7, 2009

In the Clouds

For our first 2 weekends in Bangkok, we were invited to dinners. So last Saturday, we played host instead. Janelle and Andre's godfather, King Yu, was in town with his Dad for M&M (makan and massage). Uncle Zhirong's family was available as well. So Daddy invited everyone to dim sum lunch at the Bai Yun Restaurant (白云) in Banyan Tree Bangkok.

Maybe I was too excited; I had a little diaper accident just as we were about to leave home. Because of the "costume" change, we ended up last to arrive. I was very happy to see these familiar faces, especially King Yu's Dad and Uncle Zhirong. Matured men make me feel more secured? But my laughter soon turned to tears, when the elevator started to zoom up. Nobody remembered what the rapid change in pressure would do to my ear drums till I screamed in pain. The crying actually helped eased the pressure, and before my tears dried, we were on the 59th floor. The maitre d' suggested we transfer to the other elevator to go up to the 60th where the restaurant is located, but we decided to walk in case I started to cry again.

It was a small tastefully decorated restaurant. The view was definitely worth the climb up this high. Everything in the streets looked so tiny: trees, cars, BTS trains... people looked like ants walking upright. Whenever I got restless waiting for the food, someone would carry me around for yet another view of the Bangkok panorama. Maybe it was the thin air, but I sure giggled a lot up there. Daddy said the view was even better at night one floor up at the rooftop restaurant, Vertigo, but I would not be allowed in till I was much older.

The food was nice, although missing some traditional dim sum fare like porridge (艇仔粥), pork ribs and "phoenix claws" (凤爪). We ordered the buffet, so after the initial delay, there was a parade of round bamboo trays bringing yummy food to our table. Daddy's favorite was also mine: steamed rice paper rolls (肠粉), although Mommy only let me eat the roll without the stuffings.

Janelle had her first piano lesson at 2pm at the Alliance Française de Bangkok next door, so she had to leave early. Daddy walked her over and came back just in time for last order. He was panting so hard, we thought he tried to practise for the upcoming Vertical Marathon and ran up the stairs. Actually, he talked too much during lunch, Daddy did not eat much, so we waited for him to finish his last order.

We were all stuffed, and I was feeling drowsy, when we began our descent from "the clouds". To work off the calories we put on and reduce the effects of the air pressure change, we stopped at all the restaurants on the way down. I liked the sea water aquarium at Pier 59 best, so it gets my vote for next month's makan venue.

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PixieDust said...

I love the "views" of where you live, and the food sounds yummy.

Wow! 60 floors! I guess the air would be thin, heehee